Traditional Art

This includes things I've done digitally as well, but they are full-sized, unlike my pixel art.



thumbnail: Lots o' Apples. Done on Android thumbnail: Unsure Boogie Monster. Done on Android thumbnail: Some Deadcells fanart. Done on Android thumbnail: Some Portal fanart. Done on Android and Photoshop Cartoons done of my cats. Drawn in pencil, colored in Photopea A single apple. I like drawing apples A made this flower when messing around with the mirror function in the Infinite Painter appMade in Infinite Painter on Android Glowing blue jellyfish that I drew in Infinite Painter A kawaii witch I did in ArtRage A kawaii little panda drinking a bottle, done in ArtRage A kawaii little blonde girl with a cat hat and mitten gloves. Done in ArtRage A birch dryad scanned from my sketch and done in ProCreate An oak dryad, scanned from pencil sketch and finished in ProCreate Some fan art of the safe shallows in Subnautica, done in ProCreate Still life done in Art Rage. Also includes apples Another digital still life in Art Rage, with different flowers and no vase.

Blends/Photo manips. etc.

I made these in the Vaporgram app on my phone, using various photos I've taken over the years.

VHS Flowers

Collage Art

I do these mostly in decorated composition notebooks that I use as Junk Journals. I have a ton of them and these are some layouts and finished pages that I'm especially fond of.

thumbnail: a doodle collage I did with paint and fine art cutouts from an old calendar thumbnail: a doodle collage I did with paint and sharpies thumbnail: a doodle collage I did with paint and sharpies thumbnail: Cloud stickers, scrapbook paper, paint, and BIC pen doodles thumbnail: gel pen zentangle, paint, and old comic book pages thumbnail: Scrapbook paper flowers with sharpie dots. Background made from paint and paper scraps thumbnail: Paper scraps, oil pastels, magazine pages, and pens & markers thumbnail: scrapbook paper, packing tape, magazine pages, paint, stickers, and other bits & bobs thumbnail: notebook paper and gel pen thumbnail: Never really completed this one, but I like the border the way it is. Background is painted with acrylics and the border is done in gel pens thumbnail: Marker, scrapbook paper, and magazine cut outs thumbnail: Marker, scrapbook paper, and magazine cut outs thumbnail: Marker, scrapbook paper, and magazine cut outs thumbnail: old envelopes, oil pastels, and watercolor This is a full page collage, but my favorite part is the Kawaii blue haired girl I painted in the lower right corner


thumbnail: A couple of watercolor scenes I did after watching some Youtube tutorials thumbnail: A couple of watercolor scenes I did after watching some Youtube tutorials thumbnail: A watercolor pencil sunset thumbnail: original character based on Monster Girl Maker 2, named Tulip thumbnail: another original character of mine, but she doesn't have a name yet. Mirabelle, an original character of mine. Her mother was a dryad, and she's devoted her life to ending climate change and deforestation thumbnail: Animal Crossing fanart of my favorite characters! This was a space ship I drew for an online challenge. The prompt was 'Quetzocoatl' A creepy gant robot set against the sunset A kawaii unicorn with a big head

Coloring Pages

New stuff here I'm a big fan of adult coloring books and pages, and I used to have an Etsy shop where I would throw up a few of my own every now and then. I've closed the shop down for now, but since I don't plan on reopening at any point, I figured I'd go ahead and put them here. These are designed to be printed out and colored by hand, or put into your favorite digital coloring program.

Thumbnail: a hand holding an apple surrounded by leaves Thumbnail: kitty sleeping in a flower wreath Thumbnail: Minecraft still life in a circle Thumbnail: Lady profile surrounded by lilies Thumbnail: A very inquisitive fox surrounded by ivy Thumbnail: A space scene with featuring a floating city and ringed planet Thumbnail: A beautiful lady surrounded by carnations Thumbnail: A book nook with a sleeping kitty Thumbnail: A masked lady riding a pack beast on an alien planet


I don't do these very often, but when I do they'll go down here

Robot and Kitty


Stuff I don't care enough to color

Thumbnail of Cow the Pig, a semi-realistic cute spotted pig Thumbnail Daisy the Chihuahua Fus Roh Dah - I made a Skryim Dragonborn girl and drew her shouting I did a sketch of the original Game Boy DMG An angel kitty, because why not?


I've been working with Pastels since I was very young, and it's one of my favorite mediums. I've done a lot of different pieces, but it may take me a while to upload pics of them all.

Thumbnail of a pastel piece I did of Sunny. He looks sad in this picture but I think that's just due to my skills, or lack thereof

Colored Pencil

Prismacolors are and always have been my favorite brand of colored pencil, and I love working with them.

A (not very good) photo-realistic version of Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time A character I created a while back, but I don't have a name for her. She is a robotic super model I've called this lady Gaia, but she is a goddess who lives at the end of the Earth and takes care of each species of animal and plant, so that they are not lost to extinction. A cat lade that I started coloring a while ago