I used to have these online at my old site, called Wayward. I don't have all the original files, since they've gotten lost on various hard drives over the years, but I'm putting up what I have in case it's of any use to anyone. Feel free to use for your stuff. Credit is appreciated, but not required.

Photoshop brushes

I made these in very old versions of Photoshop, but they will work in newer versions as well. I've also successfully loaded these into, so if you can use Photoshop brushes in your progam, you can probably use mine.

Paint Crackles

Paint Crackles Zip file

Heart Doodles

Heart doodles
Heart Doodles Image pack Zip
Heart Doodles ABR zip file

Weathered Grid

Weathered Grid Zip file


Technoid Imagepack zip
Technoid ABR zip file


Talismanesque Imagepack zip
Talismanesque ABR zip file


Sketchlines zip file


Scribbles zip file


Scattered Imagepack zip
Scattered ABR zip file


Pixelated Imagepack zip
Pixelated ABR zip file

Grids and Lines

Grids and Lines zip file

Fairy Stars

Fairy Stars Imagepack zip
Fairy Stars ABR zip file

Elegant Decadence

Elegant Decadence Imagepack zip
Elegant Decadence ABR zip file 1
Elegant Decadence ABR zip file 2

Bunker hill

Bunker hill Imagepack zip
Bunker hill ABR zip file

Abstract Miscellanious

Abstract Miscellanious zip file

Pattern Files

Photoshop patterns that you can use for different things

Grids and lines--These are basic patterns that I find I'm always needing. There are 48 patterns in the set; not all are shown in the above example.
{ 48 Patterns }
Download set (14 kb)

Halftone patterns--These aren't transparent, but they are black and white, so just use them on a separate layer and set them to "Multiply" to get dots without the white background.
{ 8 patterns }
Download set (185 kb)


The following are the fonts that I found through or made with the Alphabet Synthesizer Machine. They're pretty nonsensical, but there's virtually no end to what you can do with them. I've used these for some of my brush sets above

Asian_Spirit { Download (39.5 kb) } { Example }
Blackbored { Download (27.5 kb) } { Example }
Catus { Download (48 kb) } { Example }
Mukbak { Download (25.4 kb ) } { Example }
Splatter ( Download (28.2 kb) } { Example }