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Resources & Freebies

Some of these files were from my old site, Wayward, but this page has grown to include things I've done more recently as well. Feel free to use for your stuff saving the files to your PC. Credit is appreciated, but not required.

Terms of Use

All resources listed on this page are license under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution International license. You may use, share, and adapt any of the art resources on this page for free, personal, or commercial work, provided you give appropriate credit to the creator. A quick link back or mention in your credits works fine.


I created these to use with my Blog, but I've re-colored them so that you can use them in your projects too. If you'd like to give credit, I'd love it if you'd add a link to back to me somewhere

Blog UI icons Purple Blog UI icons Pink Blog UI icons Orange Blog UI icons Grey Blog UI icons Blue Blog UI icons Blue 2

Photoshop brushes

I made these in very old versions of Photoshop, but they will work in newer versions as well. I've also successfully loaded these into Photopea.com, so if you can use Photoshop brushes in your progam, you can probably use mine.

Paint Crackles

Paint Crackles Zip file

Weathered Grid

Weathered Grid Zip file


Sketchlines zip file


Scribbles zip file

Grids and Lines

Grids and Lines zip file

Abstract Miscellanious

Abstract Miscellanious zip file

Pattern Files

Photoshop patterns that you can use for different things

Black and White Patterns--For when you need lots of tiny, black and white pixel patterns
{ 28 Patterns }
Download set (28.4 kb)

Tartan Patterns--Also for clothing, but why not make a ton because they're cool?
{ 23 Patterns }
Download set (295.5 kb)

Various Pixel Patterns--I made most of these while working on my Dollmaker, because I needed some small repeating patterns for different clothing.
{ 20 Patterns }
Download set (29.2 kb)

Grids and lines--These are basic patterns that I find I'm always needing. There are 48 patterns in the set; not all are shown in the above example.
{ 48 Patterns }
Download set (14 kb)

Halftone patterns--These aren't transparent, but they are black and white, so just use them on a separate layer and set them to "Multiply" to get dots without the white background.
{ 8 patterns }
Download set (185 kb)


I make fonts via the website Fontstruct, which has a free online font maker. Here are some of the ones I've come up with:

Frugal Fantasy Mono font preview
Download here - FrugalGothic3x2

Frugal Gothic 3x2 font preview
Download here - FrugalFantasyMono

VHS texture from here

Frugal Holepunch font preview
Download here - FrugalHolepunch

Frugal Crayon font preview
Download here - FrugalCrayon

The Apple font preview
Download here - The Apple

Thick Nib font preview
Download here - Thick Nib

The following are the fonts that I found through or made with the Alphabet Synthesizer Machine. They're pretty nonsensical, but there's virtually no end to what you can do with them. I've used these for some of my brush sets above

Asian_Spirit { Download (39.5 kb) } { Example }
Blackbored { Download (27.5 kb) } { Example }
Catus { Download (48 kb) } { Example }
Mukbak { Download (25.4 kb ) } { Example }
Splatter ( Download (28.2 kb) } { Example }