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Cool Sites

Here are some cool personal/nostalgic websites you should visit

Luk Ovr Ur Shldr Libre town dante scanline Valyce Negative - Tons of stuff about old computers. Truly a treasure trove of fun!
Cobra's Retro Room - Fun personal site with tons of old graphics.
Mazeguy Smilies - This guy has been creating smilies for over two decades at this point. There are TONS.
Jan's Graphics - A large collection of graphics from around the web
Kawaii Hannah - Excellent artist website that also has some doll bases and tutorials.
Mle-s Paint - Personal site with really awesome MS Paint artwork
The Cheapskate's Guide to Computers and the Internet - Contains TONS of info on how to set up your own website for cheap. Take a look here if you're interested in going a little bit deeper than just basic HTML and JS. Lulu In Cyberspace - Personal website with lots of different fun stuff on it.

Counter Culture

Low tech magazine

Art Resources that I use

Photopea - Free art/image program based on Photoshop. It's what I've used to make most of my web resources.
Public Domain Images on Flickr - All public domain images on Flickr. Tons of images to search through.
Public Domain images from the NY Public Library - Lots of really old images. Some cool stuff here!
JS Paint - MS Paint in your browser, powered by Javascript
Adinkra West African Symbols - A dictionary of West African symbols used to tell stories and histories, released into the public domain.
Hypercard Art Bits - An archive of images from the old hypercard program on MacOS
Lospec's Pixel Art Scaler - what it says. Makes your pixel art bigger without making it blurry.
Fontstruct - Build fonts online out of glyps.
Glyphr Studio - Free online and desktop font making software
Birdfont - Another desktop only free font editor and creator.
Adorkastock - Formerly Senshistock, on Deviantart. Free pose references for artists.
Inkscape - Free open source vector editor
TileMancer - It's no longer being supported, but still works. A tile editor for game development.
Pixel Studio for Android (Google Play link) - This is the app I use for making pixel art on my phone.
Piskel - Online sprite editor
Infinite Painter (Google Play link) - Painting app that I use on my phone
Infinite Design (Google Play link) - Vector app I use on my phone

Audio and Music Programs that I use

Online Sequencer
Signal App - Another online MIDI sequencer
Nanoloop - I use the android app, but this is a music app that was originally designed for the original Game Boy
Gpodder - Podcast aggregator and downloader

Pixel art/Dolling sites

Aviva Club Kawaiiness Ametarium

Webrings, Directories, Etc.

You can find links to other great sites here. I prioritize linking to non-corporate sites and web 1.0 type stuff