I play, own, and collect tons of games. The ones I have a soft spot for are the early simulators by Maxis, and the games I owned as a child on the N64. Here are a few, old and new, that I'd like to highlight.

House Flipper

House Flipper is a creative decorating game in which you are given houses to renovate, decorate as you please, and then sell for a profit. While there are several things to unlock, like individual lots and skills, the gameplay itself is very forgiving, and most emphasis is placed on your ability to be creative and decorate as you please. There are several DLCs that expand the different types of houses you can buy, one that adds pets to the game, and the Steam version of the game also has workshop support.

Since I love games that let me be creative, and I also love decorating houses, I've spent a LOT of time with this game, and it's one of my all time favorites. I'm working my way through the main house list at the moment so that I can unlock everything again and re-buy the houses I've already sold, and along the way I like to make "Before" and "After" videos of my work. You can watch my House Flipper playlist via Peertube below:

The Sims

Check out the shrine here!

Sim Tower

Check out the shrine here!


The Pico-8 is a fantasy cosole by Lexaloffle games that you can program to make tiny little games. It has 16 colors and comes with a sprite editor and sequencer. In fact, I usually use the Pico-8 palette for most of the pixel art on my Pixel art page.


Games for the Pico-8 are distributed via .png images. Here are some of the ones I've collected. If you have the Pico-8 program, you can right-click these and save them in order to play the games in them.