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Are you poor? Do you hate capitalism? Are you sick of giving out your private info in exchange for services? You're in luck. I've been collecting links to free resources all over the web for a while now. Take a look through the links below, and if you know of any I should add, send me an email.

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If you’re a retrogamer, you’re in a perfect position to play thousands of games cheap or for free. Older games can be found easily and cheap all over the place.

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Most of these are for Game development, because that's most of what I do right now.

Note: If you're really into fantasy consoles, there's a whole curated list of them on Github here:
Note 2: I don't really consider Unity to be free anymore, because of changes they've made to their services lately

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classic beige cassis. You know the one Operating Systems

If you're struggling to choose a Linux distribution, you should know that the main thing you will need to focus on is how to use Linux in general. Once you pick up the basic skills of working with any of the Linux flavors you chose, you can transfer them to others fairly easily, so don't worry too much about picking the wrong one. Ubuntu and the ones based on it are generally easiest for beginners to pick up, not only because they're easy on the eyes, but because there's a lot of support for them already, and anything that will work on Ubuntu will generally work on its derivatives. I would personally start with one of those, and then once you're more comfortable you will know more about what you need.

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Ubuntu-based distros

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generic brand interlocking brick Non-Linux

Feeling adventurous? Due to their obscurity, and thus lack of support, probably none of the OSes will be good choices for a daily work machine, but they're all very interesting and useful in their own right. Most of these are smaller, so they'd be excellent for smaller, single-board machines like the Raspberry Pi or others (provided the hardware is compatible).

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globe with servers. That was the closest I could get to depicting web hosting Web Hosting

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These are resources that fall under multiple categories, or provide lists to other resource links.