Pixel Dolls

These are all dolls that I've made recently. I used to make them a lot when I was younger, but unfortunately I've lost them all since then. It's probably for the best, since they weren't all that great.
Feel free to adopt them if you like! Just please link back to me in some way so that others can come get their own. You'll find linking buttons on my links page.

My Bases

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PixieQ Base

A cute ponitail girl with a sunflower tunic and leggings Cute short-haired girl wearing a polka-dot dress cute boy or girl with green hair and scene jacket cute girl with a shark hat, water willies, and peplum swimsuit Adorable puppy in overalls cute dark skinned girl with bright glasses, pompom ponitails, and school uniform I'm getting tired of writing these Real Phantom of the Opera dude is creepy, but this one is adorable! Medusa isn't scary, she's awesome Cleopatra's also kind of awesome too I tried to go for a Fabio look with this vampire. Not sure if I succeeded I love pandas so fucking much I love witches so fucking much too I feel like this rock star character is dated, but I still like her Traditional Korean hanboks are so gorgeous!

Rosalee Base

one of my original characters, Tulip a robot!

Sansa Base

Just drawing some pretty dresses I found in Pinterest Another dress I found on Pinterest, but I changed the colors on this one

Bases by Angi-chan

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Belly dancer and her cat

Bases by Xandorra

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Otaku girl Pilot Goth Lady

Bases by Josie

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Other bases

Kawaii Witch Chinese Zodiac - Ram
Base by
Wish Upon a Pixel
Base by
Wish Upon a Pixel


I'm putting together a collection of the old dolling sites that are available via the Wayback Machine. If you're interested in checking them out, click below:
Old Dolling Sites