Archive of Dolling Sites

A lot of dolling sites have gone offline since they were first started, which is a shame because they had some wonderful pixel artwork on them. I'm currently collecting a list of all the dolling sites I've managed to find via the Wayback Machine, and I keep them here for refernce. The Wayback Machine doesn't really have a search function that lets you search through the dead web by keyword, so it can often be difficult to find old sites by category

Note: I've stripped out splash pages where they show up, since they sometimes open up separate windows or other wierd things, breaking navigation

If you have any you'd like me to add, drop me a line. Also, if you're the owner of one of these sites, please reach out to me! I'd love to link to your current projects, and/or archive your old doll artwork if you still have it and are willing to share. This includes old layouts, your html, links, and sister sites.

The sites

Doll related sites