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Defaults and Uses

A list of apps and servies that I use frequently, sometimes even to build this site. The default list itself was inspired by Robb Knight and the Hemispheric Views podcast, and the /uses idea is from Wes Bos


📨 Mail ClientNextCloud
📮 Mail ServerGoogle, Dreamhost
📝 NotesMarkor (Android), Sublime Text (PC), NextCloud (Online), MediaWiki (online)
✅ To-DoMarkor (Android), NextCloud (PC)
📷 Photo ShootingSaumsung default
🟦 Photo ManagementDarktable, Pix
📆 CalendarNextCloud
📁 Cloud File StorageNextCloud
📖 RSSFraidycat
🙍🏻‍♂️ ContactsNextCloud
🌐 BrowserMidori, Firefox
💬 ChatI've toyed with HexChat, but I don't do much chatting these days. Not yet, at least
🔖 BookmarksFirefox, Nextcloud
📑 Read It LaterSend to Kindle
📜 Word ProcessingLibreOffice, NextCloud
📈 SpreadsheetsLibreOffice, NextCloud
📊 PresentationsLibreOffice, NextCloud
🛒 Shopping ListsMarkor
🍴 Meal PlanningMarkor
💰 Budgeting and Personal FinanceA weird amalgamation of spreadsheets I've made myself
📰 NewsNews Minimalist & the Boring Report + RSS feeds
🎵 MusicRhythmbox (PC), Poweramp Pro (Android)
🎤 PodcastsPodcast Addct
🔐 Password ManagementKeepass Password Safe