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Exploring the Internet Archive

I spend quite a bit of time on looking through their various collections for all sorts of things. I've found music, books, movies--it's really a treasure trove! And lately I have a specific project I've been working on using public domain images, and the Archive has been especially helpful for sources. However, it can be a bit intimidating at times to navigate the huge collections they have, so I figured I'd highlight a few neat things I've found.

Click the cut link to see the pretty things!

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Spring wildflowers and others

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Drew Barrymore in Ever After

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Update: comments are fixed for now! My webhost did a back-end update that messed up a few things, and I've disabled some functionality until some other things get caught up. It's nothing that should affect the reader experience, though.

Now that the weather is warming up a little (or a lot), I've been trying to get out and get some time in the sun, and I like to take pictures of different wildflowers that I see when I'm out and about. I usually don't have to go very far to find interesting plants and flowers, and most of these weren't even taken at parks or heavily wooded areas. You can find a lot of neat things if you're willing to pay attention and look closely.

Evening Primrose close up

Pink Evening Primrose

Click below to see the other things I've found.

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A look at my old laptop

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I've mentioned that I have an old laptop that I do most of my web development on in various places, but I thought it'd be nice if I went over its specs and why I use it. I think it's pretty important to minimize the amount e-waste I generate for a lot of reasons, and one of the ways I do that is by trying resurrect old hardware. Now, I didn't rescue this particular laptop off of the street or anything; I actually bought it new from the vendor when I had nothing else to work on. But instead of throwing it out after Windows 7 was clearly causing more issues than solutions, I decided to throw Linux on it instead of calling it trash. So far, my experience with it has been pretty great, and I'm glad I kept it around.

My old HP Pavilion dv7, decorated with stickers

Click the link below to see what it's on it and how I use it from day to day.

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My Giant Podcasts Masterlist

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I'm obsessed with podcasts and have been for a while. Parts of my job see me working long hours alone updating tons of machines at certain parts of the year, and it can get pretty boring, so I keep my earbuds on me and listen to different things as I work. It's also an excellent way to keep chores and shopping interesting, and now I'm invested in a number of them, so you know how that goes...

Anyways, I'm always interested in trying new ones, but once you get past a dozen or so it gets difficult to keep track of which ones you've liked and which ones you have yet to listen to, so I've been keeping a massive Google Spreadsheet with info, links, ratings, and short reviews on all the ones I've listened to and have on my "to listen" list. Lo and behold, Google Spreadsheets also has an excellent "Export to HTML" function that means I can pull it out and upload it here!

So if you're looking for a curated list of podcasts that I've found interesting, check out the page below. Do note that it's always going to be a work in progress, so some of the info won't be filled in until I get to that particular podcast. But I currently have over 300 podcasts listed, so I'm sure you'll be able to find something you like!

external Link FrugalGamer's Giant Podcasts Masterlist