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Dark Cathedral Dress for Zombie Shake Rochelle Goyle

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Rochelle Goyle in my handmade custom Dark Cathedral dress.

Much like the Getting Ghostly Draculaura I blogged about recently, this Rochelle doll was part of an Ebay purchase I made ages ago. I've opted not to remove her factory paint because I love the little cracks all over her face and body, but I did want to make her a custom dress. And since Rochelle is a gargoyle, what better to use as inspiration than a dark cathedral? I've always loved studying architecture, and gothic architecture in particular is so much fun. So extra! This theme let me go crazy with the ornamentation, and fits especially well with the spooky season this month.

Click through the cut to see the rest of the TONS of pictures I took, plus details of how I made everything!

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Latest Sewing Project - Draculara Custom Dress Ensemble

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Draculara with a custom poofy black velvet and red satin handmade dress, trimmed with lace, and holding a handmade purse

A few years ago, I found this Getting Ghostly Draculaura on Ebay for sale without any clothing. She had obviously been played with, but was in relatively good shape, and I just loved her face and slightly translucent plastic. So I picked her up, and she sat in my doll box for a while.

Eventually, though, I felt she deserved a full outfit, and although I do sometimes customize my dolls, I wanted to keep her face as-is, because I just think it's so sweet and cute. So I went to the thrift store to find some fancy fabrics that might make a good doll dress. I soon came across this ridiculous (but very well made) women's vest made from black crushed velvet, and a bit more digging turned up an incredibly bright red jacket covered with sewn-in sequins and decorative stitching. They were both in great condition, and fairly cheap. Win!

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Unicorn Amigurumi

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I've been crocheting for years, but I never really made any amigurumi until recently. On one of my trips to the craft store, I happened to look through their book section, which I usually visit for coloring books, and came across this adorable book here. I ended up choosing the creature on the cover first, since I liked it so much, and after several months of starting and then putting off the project, I ended up with this adorable little thing:

Banana for scale

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