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Blog is back up! Also some site updates

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Oh how I've missed this thing. Dreamhost has been having connection issues, and it ended up affecting pretty much anything that's dependent on MySQL. Fortunately, I've got backups and was able to re-upload some files, and we're back in business.

In the meantime, I've released some Pixel doll bases for those of you who also like making pixel art. Leave a comment if you use them, since I'd like to see what other come up with!

I also have a fun little toy I've been making. Over at the Melon Land Forums, one of the members, Iceologist, has been hosting a Web Jam event, similar to a game jam, but, obviously, for web pages. I wasn't able to join the first one due to some real life things I had scheduled, but they had some cool entries, which you should wander over and check out. The second one, though, has the "ASCII" theme, so I decided to make an art tool to make ASCII pictures with. I call it:

ASCII Painter

Check it out and have some fun with it! It came together more easily than I thought it would, though I did hit a few snags here and there. It uses jQuery and javascript, along with HTML and CSS. And of course, the GUI is all text only. If you want to keep up with the other entries in the webjam, here's the thread below:


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jsrn on :

ASCII painter is so cool! I guarantee I'm going to wasHH^Hspend hours on that thing.

Bekah on :

So glad you like it! I hope you have fun making lots of art!

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