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A bunch of updates + I have Bugs Bunny on my nails

While I'd love to be writing reviews and making things right now, that takes time and things have been busy. So instead, I'm posting a run-down of smaller projects that I've been updating here and there in case you'd like to check them out. Plus, I've got pictures of my latest Looney Tunes manicure :-)

I've added a new section to the Main Page that lists some of my other websites, which are devoted to more niche hobbies. Here's a rundown of what they're for:

The Open Stitch Dictionary - I've always wanted an ultimate reference online that I could go to for different types of stitches for crochet, embroidery, and the rest. Unfortunately, all ones I've found are either incomplete, tied to copyrighted patterns, or from paid books. Given how ancient stitching is, I feel like these resources should be available to everyone for free. After all, you can learn to do them for free, why not learn new techniques for free? So I've spun up a wiki to serve as a resource. It's pretty sparse at the moment, and sign-ups are closed, but if you're interested in contributing, let me know and I'll create an account for you.

The Oddpets Database - If you've seen my huge personal wiki page dedicated to vpets, this is what it was all leading to. This is a public-facing Wordpress site where I'm posting all of that info for others to reference. I'll still be doing reviews here, but the info will be cleaned up and archived over there long term.

Pixel Cuties
- This is a webring for pixel doll makers. I've posted it elsewhere, but now there's an easier way to find it.

There are polls on the main page now! They're just for fun, and I'm not really using the info for anything at this point. You can also look through old ones if you want.

I've added some quiz results on the About Me page if you're into looking at those.

I've also added some more art to the Traditional Art page. This includes sketches and things I've done with pastels.

I added it to the RSS feed already, but there's a page of Texas-themed adoptables I've made for others.

New Pixel dolls have been added, since I've been making a bunch of those recently.

There's a new page of Background images for your webpage, desktop, blog, whatever you want. A lot of them are pretty retro.

I've got a new Free Stuff Directory full of links to free resources around the web. I've probably got something for everyone on there.

I've added the soundtrack for my Gameboy Game, Henry is Hungry, to the Music Page.

My nail art

If you've looked through my Instagram archives, you'll know that I do my own manicures, and I like to get a little crazy with them. One of my favorite techniques is called nail stamping, which is a kind of reverse image transfer using silicone stampers, laser-etched plates, and special polishes. You can get really intricate designs this way and I've got quite a collection of stamping plates by now. Last weekend I finally pulled out one by MYou London that I've had for a while but never used. They specialize in licensed images, and I jumped at their Looney Tunes collection when it came out, and one of the plates I picked up was this one. Here's how it turned out:

Close up of right hand three middle fingers
Close up of thumb
Four fingers
Whole hand glam shot
This one was uncomfortable to take

What do you think? It's been making me smile all week and I'm considering doing Daffy Duck next.


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