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Summer Time Fun: Animal Crossing Party!

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I've been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a while, but I'm a chronic single-player in most of the games I have. This is probably because most multiplayer games have gone the way of micro-transactions and other pay-to-win crap, but for all the terrible things Nintendo has done lately, they've nonetheless managed to create a wonderful multiplayer experience. Recently I had some friends over who also play the game, and we had a ton of fun visiting each other's islands and giving each other gifts, not to mention taking many, many photos. If you're in need of good party ideas and have a group of friends who own the Switch, Animal Crossing parties are great!

The three of us swimming in the ocean, decorated with stickers and a caption that reads: Summer fun!

If you'd like to see everything we did, click through to the post below!
Talking to Bathers

We started out by going to the local Museum, where we said Hi to Blathers. We all wanted to talk to him, but some of us hogged him, and then he did go on and on about the stamp event, so the rest of us started to cry in protest.

Visiting the coffee shop

Then we popped into the coffee shop and decided to have a few drinks. It was lovely sitting in the booth and getting all caught up with each other!

Ah, just what I needed...

The bold flavor is waking me up after my long journey

Next, we headed into the fossil exhibit to take a look at all the neat things in there. There's this weird orange plant in the corner:

What is this thing anyway?

And this really cool dino skeleton:

It's not the Brontosaurus, but I can't remember its proper name

Hey look, Ma! We're part of the exhibit!

This is my favorite room. It's so cute and creative!

After that, we headed out to the beach to lounge and enjoy the sun:

Fortunately the weather was nice

The fireworks were fun, even if it wasn't dark out

So fun!

And of course, we had to go for a dip and enjoy the ocean afterwards:

The ocean was cool and refreshing

The ocean was cool and refreshing

We were a bit tired afterwards, so we decided to just relax and take some pictures.

Here we are in front of the shop

Sometimes it's just fun to hang out

Smile for the camera

TIL how to use the first person camera

Here we are in a player house

Hey, that's MY bed!

And then we figured it would be good for everyone to get some good stretching in, so we went to the plaza and exercised with everyone.

I'm really not good at these because I never do them.

But it looks like it would feel nice!

Unfortunately, at this point one of us had to leave, so my the two of us left went to another island and headed over to the player house to hang out.

We had a lot of fun taking these photos

We weren't trying to be creepy...

Isn't the decorating here cute?

Whew, that was a lot of photos! All in all, we had a great time, and now I have a few new things on my island that I didn't have before. I was also able to help some other players pay off their bridge projects and mortgages! In the future I will show off my island in particular, but I'm in the middle of decorating and it's not quite ready just yet. See you next time!


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mishi on :

AC really shines during moments like these with friends. ❤ The scene with everyone exercising is especially cute!

I can't wait to see your island once you get it ready to your liking. ☺

Bekah on :

It really does! I honestly wish we took the time to the exercise on everyone's islands so we could have gotten all the villagers in the pics, but ah well. Next time, I guess!

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