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Games I've Been Playing

While I haven't been playing anything I'm ready to write up a full-length review on, I have been playing through a few things here and there that I wanted to highlight and link to. The following games are either too short, didn't feel worth a completely review, or are too mainstream to really be featured here.

Here's a list of the games below:
  • Peckin' Pixels
  • Plant Therapy
  • Gourdlets

Peckin' Pixels

Peckin' Pixels is a wonderful little chicken raising game, in which you start with one chicken girl and raise a whole bunch of others as they hatch. There aren't any roosters, so I have no idea where the chicks are coming from, but I'm not complaining. There are a number of objectives that you can complete along the way, and the more you complete, the more kinds of chickens you unlock. After a while, you'll amass a colorful collection of completely unrealistic chooks that cluck around adorably and eat the food you give them. Just be careful you don't feed them too fast, or you'll end up with more eggs than you can deal with!

The game screen towards the end, when I unlocked the rainbow chicken!

Seriously, the game is so nice that I went back to my save file to take this screenshot, and ended up playing for a good half hour more even though I'd already completed everything. It's very relaxing!

Peckin' Pixels is available for free on and can be played in your browser.

Link: Available on

Plant Therapy

My cute little decorated apartment

Plant Therapy is a relaxing little game in which you decorate your apartment with plants that give you money when they're happy. Keeping them happy is also pretty easy, just water them and give them plant food when they need it, and in return collect the coins and jewels they spit out. If you've ever played Plant Daddy, it's got a similar theme, but there are more options here, since you can also leave and visit the local thrift and plant stores. In act, that's how you get more plants to care for, and furniture to put them on.

Here I've added more plants and decorated with a rug

I played this until it slowed to a crawl in my browser, and then decided I had to download it, since the download version offers more features (including another apartment to decorate). You can play it for free or make a donation if you wish.

Link: Available on


Part of the opening area of the village I made

Gourdlets is an no stakes, sandbox city building game in which you build a pixel town using the elements they've provided you, and watch as little "gourdlet" people arrive and go about their daily business. If you've ever played Townscaper, this is very much the same thing, but with a different aesthetic and a more animations. You can't really build up, and because of that I wish the building area were larger, because I built out into all of the available space and still had ideas about what I wanted to make. Fortunately, the developer has promised to expand it into a more fully featured game and release it on Steam. I'm excited to see how it goes!

I'm really proud of the park area I made here

Another little cute space, zoomed all the way in

Link: Available on, or you can wishlist it on Steam


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mishi on :

I just came across your site from a webring and it's so cool! Saving it to my RSS reader´Ż×

I played the chicken game all during lunch time ^^
And the other games were really cute too.

Bekah on :

Aw, thank you! And yes, it really it such a nice game! It's got a very satisfying game loop.

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