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Various Updates and Stuff

Well the website has been a little quiet lately, due to real-life reasons. Believe it or not, the life event that caused me to step away was…a vacation! I take a vacation around this time every year, and I had initially thought that I would be super-productive and get all sorts of personal projects done. When the time came, though, I found myself relaxing and just enjoying being at home. And that was great, I’m not complaining! But it was also weird because I honestly don’t think of my website and game/programming work as being “work,” since I enjoy it so much, but I guess part of my unconscious mind still does.

So I haven’t done a whole lot or written up any reviews lately. I’ll be getting back into that shortly, but for now I figured I would make a post explaining why I’ve been gone and what sorts of things I have planned.

PeerTube Instance

My PeerTube instance over at has been throwing up certificate errors for a while now, because I’m having some trouble with the back end. You’ll laugh when you find out what it is, I promise: I’ve managed to misplace my admin password for the VPS. Yes, I feel like an idiot. But basically that means my cert expired and since I didn’t set up the renewal as an automatic process, I haven’t been able to get in to request it manually.

For viewers, this means you can click through the warning and nothing bad will happen, though I do understand it’s annoying and not great. I’m planning on fixing this once I have some time to sit down with it, but it will be non-trivial, so it’s not something I can do quickly.

New Pages

If you're into crafty stuff, check out the new Printables page over under my Resources section. It's mostly things from my old printables Etsy shop, meant for collage work, scrapbooking, etc., but there are some new things too. I have more planned for this page, and I'm always putting together things for my own crafts, so I'll probably add to it over time.

If you follow me on the Fediverse, you probably saw my post about my Free Image Database. It's a collection of clipart made from public domain materials that I've been collecting for a personal art project. They're all free to use and it's fully tagged and searchable, and includes citations for everything if you want to explore some more. This is another project that will grow over time as I come back to it.

Other Site Updates

I’m working on a suuuuper secret new page, but I can let you look at it a bit early :-) It’s called The Arcade! It’s a separate page for the games I’ve made, and it works pretty much the same as the section on my Games page, but it’s a lot more fun to look at. I’m doing a lot of custom graphics for it, though, so it’s taking a little while.

I tend to work in cycles, and will lose interest in some of my ongoing projects, but I usually always come back to them eventually. I work until I feel like I'm losing ideas or enthusiasm, and then move on temporarily. My main philosophy behind putting most of my projects online was to make them available for the long run, which is why I don't bother to chase trends for their own sake. This can sometimes mean that things will sit still for a long time, but don't worry, I haven't abandoned them!