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Short Hylics Review

If you're in to art games or play a lot of RPGMaker games, you've probably heard of Hylics, and you'd certainly remember if you'd seen the art. It's a surrealist little RPG created by artist Mason Lindroth using a lot of photographed clay figures and randomly generated text. I picked it up some time ago because I became immediately interested after seeing the art style, and was happy to find it's very reasonably priced on Steam.

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Making miniature food

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All the mini foods I made!

If you're in to toy collecting and/or miniatures, you've probably heard about blind boxes such as Zuru's Mini Brands, which feature very tiny versions of actual products that you can find on American store shelves. They're on the larger side of 1/8th scale, so they work really well for Barbies and other fashion-sized dolls and toys. Well a while back one of their competitors, MGA, came out with a similar-looking blind box toy called Make it Minis that are UV resin-based, and let you assemble your own (unbranded) mini food items. Loving miniatures as I do, and of course being a crafter, I went just about insane and had to check them out. Unfortunately, though, they're rather expensive--$10 a ball where I am--and I'm no fan of the blind box mechanic. I really don't like buying multiples of things in an effort to build a collection because it only benefits the company that sells them, so for blind box toys I usually buy a small number new and then get the ones I want on the second-hand market afterwards.

I ended up picking out two of the Make It Minis, one each from two different lines, but because these aren't that much cheaper secondhand, and because I needed MORE OF THEM, I decided to make my own based on what I already had on my craft room. Also, okay, I did end up making a craft run and picking up a few more items. But I didn't go crazy, I swear!

Click below for an overview of the store-bought mini foods and a comparison with my handmade versions, made (mostly) without any polymer clay!

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