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Summer Time Fun: Animal Crossing Party!

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I've been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a while, but I'm a chronic single-player in most of the games I have. This is probably because most multiplayer games have gone the way of micro-transactions and other pay-to-win crap, but for all the terrible things Nintendo has done lately, they've nonetheless managed to create a wonderful multiplayer experience. Recently I had some friends over who also play the game, and we had a ton of fun visiting each other's islands and giving each other gifts, not to mention taking many, many photos. If you're in need of good party ideas and have a group of friends who own the Switch, Animal Crossing parties are great!

The three of us swimming in the ocean, decorated with stickers and a caption that reads: Summer fun!

If you'd like to see everything we did, click through to the post below! Continue reading "Summer Time Fun: Animal Crossing Party!"