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Spring wildflowers and others

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Now that the weather is warming up a little (or a lot), I've been trying to get out and get some time in the sun, and I like to take pictures of different wildflowers that I see when I'm out and about. I usually don't have to go very far to find interesting plants and flowers, and most of these weren't even taken at parks or heavily wooded areas. You can find a lot of neat things if you're willing to pay attention and look closely.

Evening Primrose close up

Pink Evening Primrose

Click below to see the other things I've found.

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Gigapets Unicorn Review

You may have noticed that I've reviewed several virtual pets at this point, and what I haven't yet mentioned is that it's part of a larger project I've been working on in the background to build up a database of Odd Pets eventually. While I will eventually make this a sub-section of my main site, for now I've been throwing everything into my personal wiki, which I use as a scratch pad for a number of projects. Most of it is private, but I've whitelisted the Virtual Pets pages in case anyone would like to look through them. They're available here for the curious:

The FrugalWiki - Electronic and Virtual Pets

But for today, I'll be looking at the GigaPets Virtual Unicorn pet. This is one of the newer, revamped Gigapets that you can get on Amazon right now, and from what I understand it was voted on by fans when they announced they were going to make a brand new pet. Of course I had to pick it up, because it's adorable! And I ended up running this one for a total of 24 days! That's probably a new record for my Gigapets so far. There's probably no limit on these things, but it's fun to keep them on for a while and try setting a new personal record when I feel up to it.

A pic of the Gigapets Unicorn on what I call the

Click through the cut below to see my thoughts and a rundown of how it works.
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