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Found my old site!

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Sooo, I'm a bit of a ditz at times, and it turns out that when I had gone to the Wayback Machine (which I've been spending a lot of time on lately) to look at my old site that got pulled off of Atspace, I was putting in the wrong URL. You'd think I'd remember my own URL, but no, I had forgotten it. Once I managed to dig it up from my records, I was able to use the Wayback Machine Downloader to scrape the whole thing! Oh, I'm so elated! I though most of the crap I put up there was gone, but it looks like almost all of it is still up. This is good, because I was in the process of building my Resources page today, and I wanted to link to all of the old Photoshop brushes I made ages ago, but I was missing a few files here and there. Luckly, I've recovered them all and they are now up for download, plus a few extra packs that I never ended up releasing! Next I'll be uploading the old layouts I designed. I only have screenshots, but the data on there was old at any rate. Some of them, though, I'm rather fond of, and I'm actually considering recreating them for various things. If I ever decide to give the results away, they'll be up here.

If you're interested in looking at the old site, check it out here:


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