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So I've actually got several things I'm working on at the moment, but they are rather long projects and will take a while to add to the site. One is a review of a couple of off-brand virtual pets that I've been playing with, while another is a sewing project I've been working on. These are both rather extensive, however, so they take a lot of work to type up and add photos to, plus proofreading, etc. etc. In the meantime I've just been adding little things here and there.

The main site has a new layout for Halloween! It'll come down after the spooky season, though I'll probably archive it on the About page for fun. If you've been playing with my Dollmaker then you may have noticed I've added all sorts of stuff in several categories. I like to draw up little items in my free time here and there, and upload them whenever I get the chance, so that will probably keep growing over time. If you look through all the tabs, you may notice some popular characters from your favorite movies and TV shows.

Also, I'll be taking off the "new" tab from my Instagram archive link, but it will continue getting updated as I post there. I just don't really want to take the focus off other things I may be adding over time.


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