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Latest Sewing Project - Draculara Custom Dress Ensemble

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Draculara with a custom poofy black velvet and red satin handmade dress, trimmed with lace, and holding a handmade purse

A few years ago, I found this Getting Ghostly Draculaura on Ebay for sale without any clothing. She had obviously been played with, but was in relatively good shape, and I just loved her face and slightly translucent plastic. So I picked her up, and she sat in my doll box for a while.

Eventually, though, I felt she deserved a full outfit, and although I do sometimes customize my dolls, I wanted to keep her face as-is, because I just think it's so sweet and cute. So I went to the thrift store to find some fancy fabrics that might make a good doll dress. I soon came across this ridiculous (but very well made) women's vest made from black crushed velvet, and a bit more digging turned up an incredibly bright red jacket covered with sewn-in sequins and decorative stitching. They were both in great condition, and fairly cheap. Win!

Click the cut below to see before pictures, and then check out the full completed photoshoot!
The before black vest. It clearly hadn't been worn much--the pockets weren't even cut open! Before red jacket, with its lovely crinkling embroidery

These two items aren't particularly my style, and they would be destined for the landfill if I didn't transform them anyway (thrift stores get more clothing than they know what to do with), so I didn't feel too bad about cutting into them. Plus, the fabric is just so pretty, and it was fun to work with.

Because of the size of Monster High clothes, I usually work on them by hand, and this is what I did for the dress here. I had this corset pattern from DGRequiem that I had purchased ages ago, and I used this to make the bust of the dress. And after buying the Rainbow High Shantelle Onyx doll (I may have to review that one eventually, OMGILoveHerSoMuch), I had decided that I wanted to use the shape and size of her dress skirt to make this one. I cut two dress skirts, one from the red jacket satin, and one from the lining material of the vest, which made a nice underskirt, and the third I modified so that it was split open in the middle, to show off the bright red underneath.

I finished each of these off with lace, and added some beaded trim that I've had on hand for ages to the top of the bust to add a bit of interest. I also like to make sure that none of my dolls have "wardrobe malfunctions," so I always prefer to give them bloomers and/or panties. I had some red poka-dot cotton that was perfect for this, and I also had purchased some red tulle a while back for another project, so of course I had to make her a tu-tu underneath everything.

A shot of Draculaura's new undergarments Draculaura lifting her skirts to show off her bloomers. Draculaura! Put those skirts back down!!

And of course, I had to make her a matching purse. This is made from cardboard and more of the vest lining fabric. The handle and "closure" are made from rhinestone ribbon that I bought ages ago and have never used until now.

Handmade doll purse from cardboard, fabric, and rhinestone ribbon (and lots of hot glue) Draculaura with her new purse. I think she likes it

To finish everything off, I made her a matching scrunchie out of the red satin material. It helps hide the messy ends from the bun I put in her hair, and is one of those things that looks more complicated than it is to make. Tiny scrunchies are so cute!

Draculaura's bun and scrunchie. It suits her really well!

After everything was finished, I waited for a sunny day, and then took her outside for the photoshoot you've seen here. I had forgotten how much fun it is to pose these dolls. Monster High has always been such high quality and they can be so expressive!

Thinking on the bird cage Looking off to the side. I know, it's a boring description but I just needed some variety in poses What's that?!? A squirrel??? View from the back. Not as pretty as the front of the dress, but it gives you an idea of how it's put together


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