I love collecting things! Here are some of the fun toys I've found all over the internet

I also have pixel dolls that I've made over here

Pets I've Adopted

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

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Animal Crossing bananya Black Lives Matter Tamagotchi Terfs are gross Nyan nyan nyan Chaos Bubble tea You Should make your own website Don't be so hard on yourself Covfefe by Yarkariolu I love pillbugs! Garfield says: you are not immune to propaganda I'm a cat IRL

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It's just cute! Forever Online Trans rights NOW Have you thanked a spider today? Toebeans now! Wanna chill? cute Piracy now. Yar baby! Firefox now! This site is cookie free We only have one Earth Tax the rich, not the poor! Stop using plastic! Screw cars, ride a bike Say no to adverts Support the right to repair No more beef There is no ethical consumerism No to corporations Grow a garden! Degrowth now!

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Internet Bumper stickers

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Epilepsy warning I'm putting these on a separate page due to the fact that some of these blink very fast.

Click here to see the blinkies

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A toybox is where you add all the other nifty pixel images you find across the internet. I've linked back to the artists where possible. If they don't have a link, I'll track it down and add it eventually.

by josie's Dollz

Pixel Blthe dolls are from (via Wayback machine).

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