About the Site


While this site is relatively new, I’ve always had a website throughout my life at some point. My first was probably a guild site that I put together back on Neopets.com, which is long gone by now (the guild, not Neopets). Like many people my age, that's where I first learned to code. Unfortunately, I don't have any images from that old thing (which is probably for the best), but I had a lot of fun putting together fan art in MS paint and creating mascots for our little page.

I moved into the personal webspace via Geocities, although I couldn't tell you what it was I put on there. I do know I quickly became frustrated with the platform's limitations, so I ended up moving to Graffiti.net, which is owned by some Bible-crazy folks now (they used to offer free email and webpages). Ultimately I wasn't happy there because the address was way too long for my liking, and they also never seemed to deliver my email--this was a shame, because I had some really hilarious email addresses (or at least I thought so at the time).

Next was a free site that I hosted on Atspace.com. They're still around, but my site is not. It was a combination blog/Photoshop resources/livejournal art site that I put up for fun, and it's the one I miss the most. I'm still trying to find the old files from that site, which I ended up losing over the years, but I was really proud of it for a long time. I started that one back in 2004.

Site Credits

This particular site is made with Sublime Text and a little bit of PHP here and there to make things easier. I create the graphics for it myself using Photopea.com, an excellent Photoshop substitute that I highly recommend checking out.

Fonts used are Proggy Clean for the body font, Superscript for large headings, and PixelPoiiz for small headings. All graphics except where noted otherwise were created by me.


I also use a self-hosted installation of Matomo to log and analyze the traffic to my website. I think it stores a few cookies, but they don't store too much identifiable info. I'm usually not able to tell where you came here from, especially if it was from a search engine, since those are all sanitized and encrypted. I can tell location info and if you're a returning visitor, but I don't usually pay a lot of attention to that. You may review Matomo's privacy features at https://matomo.org/privacy/?menu

Take my code

Oh and one more thing...feel free to steal my code. Trying to copyright html and scripts is bullshit and stealing them is the way you learn. If you have any questions about how I did things, you can email me or leave a comment in my guestbook

Previous Layouts

Here are some of the layouts I made in the past for my other sites. Some of them were terrible, but there are a few that I still really like. Plus, they're fun to look at (you can click on a few of them to see larger versions).

This site

Halloween 2022
Special layout I did for Halloween 2022

Wayward and others

This is a mix of the different sites I ran in the past, some of them subdomains of my subdomains, and others located elsewhere. I was a little immature twerp at the time, so please be aware that some of the entries featured in these images may contain insensitive thoughts and words. Rest assured this site does not condone discrimination or hatred in any form; I keep them here because I do not like censorship, and as a reminder that people can learn and grow. I also feel like hiding the hateful views I used to have as a kid would be dishonest, and I'm not looking to hide that I've been wrong in the past.

A veeeeeeery old layout for my site, Wayward. I still love this one, even though it's really dated Prolixity was a short lived self-hosted blog I had. Totally unnecessary, but I had fun with it