Hello from 2013!
This page was built with Yahoo! Site Builder

Over on the MelonLand forums, we've had a topic going about getting Yahoo! Site Builder to
work for folks who aren't super into HTML or just struggle with it in general. User
posted a link to a page that had the old software for download, and I was intrigued. After a LOT
of searching, I was able to get it to work!

Interested in using it yourself? Here's what you'll need:
Java Runtime Environment 1.7.17
The Installer for Yahoo! Site Builder
Windows 10--and probably other windows versions as well. Unfortunately I do not
have a Mac to test this on, and I don't know if it was offered for Macs anyway.

1) Install Java 1.7.17. The Site Builder has a link to the installer, but it no longer works,
2) Install Yahoo! Site Builder. It should detect the version of JRE you've just installed and
complete without errors.
3) Double-click the Yahoo! Site Builder link on your desktop. It's a slow program, but be patient
and eventually it'll load.
4) Have fun and let me know what you create! If you have a Neocities site, maybe upload it there
and share!
Page description
Instructions on how to
use Yahoo! SiteBuilder in
2023 on a Win10 machine
Built with Yahoo! Site Builder...in 2023!
A Couple of Notes

Some of the templates do not work because the program reaches out to an old defunct page to
download them. I'm going to try and track this down and see if they're available on Archive.org,
but in the meantime the rest of the program should work without errors.

When you're done building your site, the program was meant to publish directly to Yahoo's
hosting service, so the "Publish" button is useless. If you'd like to upload your finished site to
Neocities/your hosting provider of choice, you'll need to copy the files directly. Navigate to
Your Username]\site builder\sites\[Your site name]" and upload the entire folder to your
hosting provider. Each host will have different instructions for this, so please go to them for how
to add the files. I'm not knowledgeable about how to do that myself.